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Gift Wrapping - Pimp Your Present

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Gift Wrapping - Pimp Your Present
Gift Wrapping - Pimp Your Present
Gift Wrapping - Pimp Your Present
Gift Wrapping - Pimp Your Present

If our basic gift wrapping just isn't quite enough to show your people that their awesomeness is next level, then why not Pimp Your Present!

Choose from special cards that you'll want to display, through to little  posies and wreaths that can be turned into a succulent garden.

1. Mandala Card - The centre cardboard disc with the message can be removed so the mandala can be hung 

2. Succulent Posy - Remove the florist tape and wire, then plant the cuttings in well drained, succulent soil mix and watch them grow. Instructions provided. Posy measures approximately 10cm.

3. Succulent Wreath - These little succas will last months hanging happily in a bright spot out of direct sunshine. Just keep the moss damp and they'll actually grow! Then when you're ready to plant them, put them in some well draining succulent soil and watch your little garden grow. Instructions provided with the item. Wreath diameter is approximately 10cm.

NOTE: 1. if you would like your gift sent directly to the recipient, please include a personalised message for the recipient in the 'special instructions for seller' box at checkout and be sure to include a Delivery Address for the recipient in addition to a Billing Address for your purchase.

2. This is a handmade product so there may be slight variations from the samples pictured. Colours may vary on different computer monitors.

3. Due to quarantine regulations the posy and wreath is not available for residents in WA, NT, Tasmania or Overseas.

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